How we measure a pot

When it comes to measuring a pot, suppliers often measure the diameter using the external sizes, but as houseplant lovers ourselves, we’ve found that to be really unhelpful if you’re picking a pot for a specific plant. Pots that only have their external measurements mean you often end up with a pot that’s just a centimetre too small for the plant you had in mind!

That’s exactly why we measure every pot ourselves using the internal diameter, meaning you can be confident that your plant’s nursery pot will fit snugly inside our decorative pots. We do the same when it comes to height too, to ensure that you don’t end up with a bit of your plastic pot sticking up out of your Room For Roots pot.

Internal measurementExternal measurement

Things to consider when choosing a pot for your plant

If you’re planning on repotting a plant directly into one of our planters, we suggest that you have a read of our repotting guide before you do so to avoid some rookie mistakes! But the most important thing to keep in mind is if the pot has a drainage hole or not. Without a drainage hole, you could end up risking losing your favourite houseplants to root rot, and nobody wants that.

There are some cases where you can put a houseplant directly into a decorative pot without a drainage hole, but typically the easiest way is to just find a decorative pot that fits your plastic pot well, which is why we always recommend measuring your plant’s pot before buying a decorative one.

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