Our bright range of original coloured terracotta pots featuring a metallic rip effect come from Sam Bailey, Founder of the Plant Pots Shop, based in Glasgow.

We're extraordinarily excited to feature a range of hand-selected pieces of Sam's finest work on Room For Roots!

“I make the pots with my partner Rosie - we started it as a lockdown project and it turned in to something we're super proud of. It mainly started because, like a lot of people, we got addicted to plants and we couldn't find the exact pots we wanted so just made them ourselves!”
Plant Pots Shop

Each and every pot that The Plant Pots Shop produces is individually hand painted in Glasgow. The pots are made to order, and you can keep an eye on all of their customisable designs over on their Instagram @plantpotsshop.

Amongst the pots, The Plant Pots Shop also offer some other beautiful products, all of which you can see on their website & Etsy shop.

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